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      Gwadar EPZ industries get 10-year tax exemption: * Industrial units in EPZ allowed to sell 50 percent of their produce locally: ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Saturday notified a tax exemption on profits and gains of any industrial unit in the Gwadar Export Processing Zone (EPZ) for a period of 10 years. […]
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Gwadar private scheme investors Cooperative Society forum ” Its time to combat with Government of Pakistan to take active part in Boosting Gwadar as An International  City as per promises….


In Gwadar real estate sector, about 200 housing, commercial and industrial projects were approved, in which about 800000 people invest for future benefits. Now about billions of rupees have stuck in these projects and in current circumstances nothing can be predict. In this scenario only way for all these investors is to address and protest before all forums for their legal rights from single platform as per law.

Gwadar is neglected now days after launching huge campaign by the government of Pakistan and for the development of infrastructure in Gwadar billions of rupees from the treasure and foreign aid have been spent. Many projects have been approved in residential, industrial and commercial areas within the master plan of Gwadar, Owners and promotors of Gwadar Private Schemes that the Port will be operative in march 2007, But till yet the port is still not activiated.

Government Promises that the Economic and Industrial  Activities will be boost till december 2008 but it has been found that no serious steps have been taken,

The private schemes builders and developers are waiting for the succuessful opertion of economic activities in gwadar. Till yet the infrastructure by government is still missing. While Pressure is building from Gawadar Development Authority to complete development work in schemes but the private schemes which has not yet been started on ground even the expiration of development period announced by the government and allowed by the GDA in government & private sectors. In these housing, industrial & commercial projects billions of rupees have been invested from all over the Pakistan and abroad by the people who were trapped through attractive slogans.


Many of our valuable clients who purchased land in Gwadar are in serious trouble due to:

· Wrong policies of Government. 

· Down fall in real estate. 

· No remedy available for a single investor.



· Investors have no time to address such issues individually.

· Investors have no such expertise and resources to meet the needs.

· No effective campaign can be started by a single person.

· Investors are unable to bear huge expenses individually.

· Gwadar is far away, risky and hard to approach. 

· No result oriented activity can be made out due to communication gap between the Authorities and the investors.

· Lack of awareness and updated information.

· No combined Forum is available.



· Whether we are waiting for Miracles.

· Whether we are waiting like handicapped.

· Whether we are waiting for the year 2050.

· Whether we are waiting for some sympathy like attitude.

· Whether we are waiting for suo-moto notice of the Supreme Court.

· Whether we are waiting for any extra ordinary performance from Authority.

The investment will be stuck for unlimited time in Gwadar and the development level will be slowdown up to zero. If no social, commercial and industrial activity will be initiated, it will damage the sale & purchase of property. Due to billions of rupees investment in Gwadar’s real estate sector will not only effect the individuals but also damage the economy of Pakistan.



Gwadar Private Scheme Investors Co-operative Society Forum is aimed to support the builders, developers and sponsors of these residential, industrial and commercial projects from a single platform to complete their development work on ground immediatly after port in operation within the stipulated time and also request  GDA to take necessary action to complete infrastructure work and support the developers for completion of development work with recoveries from non payers of installment by the purchaser and request the buyer that not to stop payment of installment to delay the completion of development work so the pressure from buyers as well as GDA will be defused and transfer to development work. Those who are selling plots  out side Gwadar Master Plan must be treated hard and GDA Must take strick action against those schemes which are situated in Zone “B” or which had issued NOC Marked “B” those builders have done serious crime under the umbrella of GDA and many people have been robbed by selling plots out of the master plan of Gwadar, which is crime and such robbers will be treated according to law.

Gwadar Private Scheme investors co-operative Society Forum is also aimed to file case against GDA that why GDA had issued NOC “B” were there is no future before 25 years and the innocent people attract with TV Commercial, they must transfer all the allottes of NOC “B” scheme owners to facilitate within Gwadar Master Plan  before the Higher Courts of Pakistan and highlight the problems of people before the National and Provincial Legislative Assemblies through respectable elected members.    


In the above scenario Gwadar Private Scheme investors co-operative Society is established to:

· Boost up the development process.

· Secure investments.

· Facilitate in sale & purchase.

· Collect updated information.

· maintain complete property record.

· Provide legal remedies.

· Bring all the stake holders at one platform.

· Highlight the issues in media & before the National and Provincial Legislative Assemblies through respectable elected members & press conferences.  

· Constitutional writs will be filed in the Higher Courts of Pakistan.

· develop & maintain web. site.

· Ensure development in Gwadar in stipulated time according to Master Plan and NOCs.




· Exchange of information.

· Updated knowledge.

· Effective collective effort.

· Less expenditures.

· No time consumption.

· Easy to access.

· Combined resources.

· Business activity.

· Increase in property value.

· Legal remedies.

· Expertise.

· Public issue.

· Result oriented activity.

Join hands together with forming Cooperative Society to complete development work at own level. And support and assist Good Builders and Developers with  paying upto date instalments and dues to complete the incomplete work as early as possible.



· Compensations.

To get the maximum benefits of this collective effort  join us to develop gwadar


Gwadar Private Schemes plots are highly in demand in USA,CANADA AND IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES

It is confirmed that there is a high level of buying demand of Gwadar private schemes plots with in Gwadar Master Plan with in the area of E.P.Zone, While the local market is selling their plots in very cheap rates and the forigners are taking full advantages of buying from the local people who had purchase the plots of private schemes through the active real estate of Gwadar from karachi and lahore. As the economy of America is under presure and the dubi and malaysian real estate market blooms. It is been found that real estate managers of Dubai and Maliysian markets are now declines and the real estate market will bust soon in dubai and malysian market. The investors are shiftting this investment to Gwadar Pakistan from all round the world. Those who are selling their plots in cheap rates will definently feel gilty when the market of Gwadar plots will be up wards from October 2008 through break through starts with the providing of 100 kwt Electricity project which is going to be inugrated on 15th october 2008. And the Gas line is under way most of the infra structure roads are going to be complete and is in last stages.

Big investors from usa, canada and eroupean countries are the mass purchaser of Gwadar plots now a days…