Is Dream City Gwadar is with in E.P.Zone ? Request for complete information?

Naveed Akram

Congratulation: Prime Minister Yousf Raza Gillani visit Gwadar soon to boost gwadar port activities as well as to attend meetings to approve all infra structure development program in E.P.Zone, and make sure that the gwadar port will be successfully operative and functional via import of wheat and open the gwadar port phase II for Afghanistan trade transit in placement of karachi port.

Government of Pakistan in budget 2008/09 has allocated one Billion Rupees for completion of fast development work in E.P. Zone due to near by the Port Area and allocated one billion rupees for wider Makran Coastal Road from Tee Mor to Jinnah Avenue Road for fast construction economical activities in the area of E.P. Zone, Congratulation to the Project managers of E.P. Zones that they will be the amongs first whom will play active role in Development of Gwadar. 

Naveed Akram

Is Dream City Gwadar is with in E.P.Zone ? Request for complete information? Is this scheme is near by Jinnah Avenue, Baluchistan Broad way, as well as on Makran Coastal Highway? As they claim that the scheme is near 5 kilometer to TEE MOR, were railway station, sea port area, and new subzi mundi is existing and the area is completely developed with all infrastructure. Is it Secure area and secure investment in this Dream City Gwadar. Their land price is high then other scheme why? Please reply.

Asad Mehmood.

Reply: Yes, The Dream City Gwadar is within E.P.Zone and i got information from their website: GDA NOC is verified and the scheme have  small and medium plots therefore its investment is safe and hope full that the price will rise 1000% with in 2010 due to prime location. For further information related to Dream City Gwadar please ask the promotors and marketers.

Fakir Muhammad

We have visitied the site of Dream City Gwadar, it is located on Makran Coastal Highway, Location of the project is ideal for early business setup. Marketers allowed construction on full payment. I personally think that this project is small and medium but the most attractive early business site to participate in development of Gwadar. I wish them success and hope ful for early constructions in project.

Noman Ali:

What is the importance of Show room plots in dream city gwadar? is it for display center as well as assembling product ware house plots…?

Dream City Gwadar is located in E.P.Zone area, were it is an Industrial Base Project. That means that they have the previlleges to Product the goods as well as to Assemble the product in their Schemes. This advantage is not access able to any complete residential or complete commercial schemes. The promotors of Dream City Gwadar had planned well and the marketers have design the lay outs Show Room plots ( 18 feet x 60 feet ) = 120sq. yds for display as well as assembling items from China as well as ware houses in ground + 2 stories. ( 30 feet hights)

As per our knowledge that they are working fast to construct the residential plots as well as show room plots to avail early benefits of Gwadar Export Processing Zone advantages.

They have declare the real price at the moment and it will be rise time to time by the re-sellers. As the location is in prime area, therefore no doubt of its early success.

Hope they may success in their objectives through this, We think due to their activities they will generate jobs to benefits to local baluch peoples, We also like to give you the true images of Baluch Common People they are very loving, and carring they are only keen to get proper law ful jobs and business earning, Hope that this type of small and medium projects will definely develope early and support and assist the Baluch Brothers to earn and generate their own income from the training as well as working, as the promotors are also from Gwadar Family so it is easy to generate resources for their Baluch Brothers from out side world and hope full that Government will early established Technical Training Centers for the local people of Baluchistan to understand how to assemble and market world wide the electronic items as well as automobiles, generators, motor cyles, mobile phones, and food processing and packaging product in value added forms.

We think Dream City Gwadar is the fast developing Project which is going to enhance the gwadar product marketing, projecting, and supporting in Gwadar early Development Activities..

All above information we get from the Marketers in their breifing. Depending on you to verified by your self.



Gwadar oil Refinery project near TEE MORE  in Gwadar Port Area. Land price near TEE MORE From Makran Coastal Highway to Jinnah Avenue has been raised upto 500% , People are showing interest to invest in private schemes near the above area, Private schemes are developing and the promotors are working fast to develop electricity line, water and sewerge line in their private schemes, How ever the Private schemes near the Makran Coastal Highway from TEE MOR to Jinnah Avenue is been fastly raising……… People wish to avail early living and working benefits near this area… G.D.A. is also taking keen interest to complete the infrasture facilities fast…

If you are interested in investment in Gwadar avail the residential as well as commercial plot near the area between TEE MOR to Jinnah Avenue, Which is 100% secure as well as 1000%  increase in profit investment. The Area beyond this location will be fully occuped and developed till 2010. And the land price will be out of reach

For more details read the following:





Gwadar Development Authority

Governor House Road
Gwadar, Balochistan

Telephone No Director General:

Telephone No Office: 0864-211775
Fax No: 0864-211775

 1. Gwadar Royal Garden 06/04/H.S/GDA(B) –(N.O.C Suspended)

2.  Green Palms 07/04/H.S/GDA(B) (N.O.C Suspended)

3. Hermain City  13/04/HS/GDA (B) (N.O.C Suspended)

4. Inara City 16/05/HS/GDA (B). (N.O.C Suspended)

5. Koh-I-Noor Savanah 17/05/HS/GDA (B) (N.O.C Suspended)

6. Blue Ocean Residency 19/05/HS/GDA(B). (N.O.C Suspended)

7. Ocean City Gwadar  20/05/HS/GDA (N.O.C Suspended)

8. Free Port Housing Scheme No.01 23/05/HS/GDA (B) (N.O.C Suspended)

9. Kamayab City 24/05/HS/GDA (N.O.C Suspended)

10. GDA Bolan City 25/05/HS/GDA (B) (N.O.C Suspended)

11. Jamal City  27/05/HS/GDA(B) (N.O.C Suspended)

12. Gwadar City Gwadar 29/05/HS/GDA (N.O.C Suspended)

 13. Rabi City Gwadar 32/05/HS/GDA (N.O.C Suspended)

14. Globel Village Gwadar 34/05/HS/GDA (B) (N.O.C Suspended)

15. Shams Developer 36/05/HS/GDA (N.O.C Suspended)

16. China Village Gwadar  39/05/HS/GDA(B) (N.O.C Suspended)

17. Florida city Gwadar  40/05/HS/GDA (B) (N.O.C Suspended)

18. Desmount Residency 42/05/HS/GDA (B)(N.O.C Suspended)

19. Royal Garden Ph II 45/06/HS/GDA(B)(N.O.C Suspended)

20. Sara-i-Noor 46/06/HS/GDA(B)(N.O.C Suspended)

21. Rado City Gwadar 51/06/HS/GDA(B) (NOC Suspended)

22. Rabia city 53/06/HS/GDA(B)(N.O.C Suspended)

23. Falcon Homes  56/06/HS/GDA(B) (N.O.C Suspended)

24. Gulberg city 64/07/HS/GDA(B)(N.O.C Suspended)

25. Gwadar Industrial Scheme 06/05/IND/GDA(N.O.C Suspended)

26. New Dubai Heaven Avenue 09/05/IND/GDA(B)(N.O.C Suspended)

27. Exchange city10/05/IND/GDA(B)(N.O.C Suspended)

28. Prince City 11/07/IND/GDA(N.O.C Suspended)

29. Muscat Center 02/04/Com./GDA(N.O.C Suspended)

30. China Commercial Complex 04/05/Com/GDA(N.O.C Suspended)

31. Al-Noor Cargo City 05/05/Com/GDA(N.O.C Suspended)

32. China Village Jinnah Avenue 06/06/COM/GDA(N.O.C Suspended)

33. Marjan Beach Resort06/04/B.R GDA(Not Revalidate)