Gwadar Private Schemes plots are highly in demand in USA,CANADA AND IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES

It is confirmed that there is a high level of buying demand of Gwadar private schemes plots with in Gwadar Master Plan with in the area of E.P.Zone, While the local market is selling their plots in very cheap rates and the forigners are taking full advantages of buying from the local people who had purchase the plots of private schemes through the active real estate of Gwadar from karachi and lahore. As the economy of America is under presure and the dubi and malaysian real estate market blooms. It is been found that real estate managers of Dubai and Maliysian markets are now declines and the real estate market will bust soon in dubai and malysian market. The investors are shiftting this investment to Gwadar Pakistan from all round the world. Those who are selling their plots in cheap rates will definently feel gilty when the market of Gwadar plots will be up wards from October 2008 through break through starts with the providing of 100 kwt Electricity project which is going to be inugrated on 15th october 2008. And the Gas line is under way most of the infra structure roads are going to be complete and is in last stages.

Big investors from usa, canada and eroupean countries are the mass purchaser of Gwadar plots now a days…


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  1. great,
    am looking forward to great news,as i knw GWADAR,for sure going to boost,like dubai,kualalumpur time to come,as west is looking to come in big way,only choice they have,as china is taking all up here……….
    good luck,

  2. AOA
    dear sir could you please furnish any proof or source for the statement?

    Real Estate Managers of Dubai locally of Pakistan informed that the investors of USA, Canada and Europe is keen to buying Private schemes plots within Master Plan due to Safe and secure investment. As the Government of Pakistan has approved one billion for fast infrastructure development in E.P.Zone and going to agreement with Iran For Electricity for E.P.Zone which is going to be inaugrate in second week of October 2008, and the New Airport design and plan has already been approved the land for new airport has been aquaired as well as the final stage for expention of Phase II of Gwadar port is under way. The Coastal Highway linking to Iran Boarder is completed, Gas Pipe lines within Gwadar Master Plan is under way, 35000 gallion use able water per day is available from Private Management. And water pipe line from Akara Dam is under final stage for supply to gwadar city zones, Resorts and Boats are complete and bought for luxury resorts near Resorts arena all this silent development is under consideration of the forigen investors for more details please visit

    The mass buying and housing development in forigen located area near GDA Officer Scheme 5 in Dorgati, Jinnah Avenue Road, new houses are constructed fastly, new food street has been developed, Beautiful well plan decorated Cricket stadium is almost complete Parks and hospitals are in final stages, roads, and flud water drignage line is fastly under construction including two way roads linking from Jinnah Avenue to Airport road. Any body can verified in practical on ground as well as the purchase sales avertisements in ” Daily Intakhab News Paper” were daily buying is growing day by day in Dorgati Area near GDA Officers Colony Gda Scheme 5 for residential purpose as well as 5 kilometer up from Durgati to Makran Coastal Highway with in EPZones for Business related purpose. Partly Subzi Mundi near Future plan railway station has already started. Population of Gwadar is almost doubled, almost all banks and utility stores are renovated or replaced in know ideal place near Islamabad Hotel chowck, Dry cleans and P C Bakary’s items available in a Shop opp. Askari Bank. All types of modern equipments, electronic items are available in markets. Local people are very happy with the economic upliftment which is going in gwadar city. No tailoring shop you can find without business, While you have to wait for 3 to 4 weeks for your stick cloths. The speciallist of Tailors you may find in Shahi Bazar. Every body is happy and waiting for a good revival change in their lifes which is coming through investors and business interprizes with in Gwadar with the opening of Gwadar Port.

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