Sun Overseas City Gawadar – Recent Comments !

  1. dear friends i want to share some points.when u watch the commercial of sunoverseas on Geo,PTV,ONE Tv etc there u clearly see NOC issued. this company has already completed two projects in gwadar “S N SAHIL and SUN SILVER”
    Sun overseas scheme is situated on main coastal highway and MOZA is chath kaur. for inquiry u must visit the sunoversease booking office…….

    Yes, Sunoverseas City is NOC class (B) Given by GDA. That means the Scheme is out side the Gwadar Master Plan. Yes S N SAHIL was the first project which is incomplete till yet all payment schedule period is complete and received by the builder promoter and the Development time is expired without development work. When Clients approach to office for fulfillment of the commitment of Development work in S N Sahil which is approx 50 kilometer from Gwadar and in Prime Tok moza. While people who had booked in the S N Sahil were force to rebook in Sun Silver City Project with extra payment or otherwise take refund with deduction of 15% many had been force fully cancel the plots due to misconduct, the project sun silver city which is totally failed. And Now the Size of Sun Silver City is been reduced and Re Launch in the name of Sun Overseas City to attract new clients.

    Plz don’t treat Pakistani Investors in overseas like a fool. If the company is sincere then first complete the development work of S N Sahil than Sun Silver City and then Sun Overseas City. Buy the way what are the plans for Electricity, Water and Gas the basics for living in all three schemes which are all out side Gwadar Master Plan. As The GDA is not responsible for providing the above facilities in NOC (B) scheme. What is the plan to provide the above necessities and till when?

  2. Salams:
    First of all thank you for this web interaction. I so glade to read all the postings. Most Pakistanies would like to invest in Pakistan, but these builders are not comming upfront with truth. As stated that NOC is a B, which means out side of Gwader and development may require 20 to 30 years inwhich builder may will die and thier promices will go with them to the Grave. So..Lets not invest, Be wise. Or wait and inquire more from the Government of pakistan or GDA for actual facts. Who would do that? that is the price we need to pay firts than paying the developer

  3. Can anybody tell me about the head office address of SUN OVERSEAS CITY. The addresses given in news paper are all agents not the builders/promoters themselves.There are no land numbers or promoters own office location. emails website and cell numbers dont help

  4. Firdous – London, on May 7th, 2008 at 10:34 am Sir, Your recent comments on Sun Overseas City Gawadar and Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar, which was later on confirmed illegal scheme by the GDA in news papers. And your comments on Sun overseas City, Regarding NOC (B) which we get knowledge that the NOC Marked with B is out side from Gwadar Master Plan.
    1. In this regards, Sir, we wish to invest in Gwadar, but we are confused as no one had till yet guide us true and actual position of Gwadar. Thanks for your web site which educate us and give us the full awareness. We think u are true Pakistani who help us in Overseas to Guide us about the True list of All Private Schemes which are located in Gwadar Master Plan.Please support us in identifying the Gwadar Private scheme where to invest and which are the gainful Schemes and which are located near the sea port, As the Gwadar is based on Gwadar Port activties, therefore all early activities will be within the nearest jurisdiction of Gwadar Port.Hope u will support in this regards for giving us all the Schemes which are near the gwadar port.
  5. Munawar Hussain from France
    We are keen to invest in Gwadar but we can not satisfied with the advertisements published in news papers as well as TV commercials. They all hides the facts.Secondly the Scheme about NOC (B) as well as outside Gwadar Master Plan. How we know the schemes with in Gwadar Master Plan most of them all are NOC B. Please give us the list of all housing schemes which are within Gwadar Master Plan and which are near to Gwadar Port.We belief this website is for guide lines. therefore, we want proper guide lines that which schemes are best for investors. Hope you will reply early.
  6. Reply to both:

    1. Its very easy take a moment and write down the names of all the schemes which are not marked with (B) then go to any search engines and write down the name of the same and search. You will get lot of information regarding the schemes. Those which are not in net then it is difficult. But most of them have their own websites…. Go through complete information from their website.

      Remember that the scheme must be near to the range of maximum 2 kilometers from Jinnah Avenue, and if it is in Baluchistan Broad way it must be near to 2 kilometers from Jinnah Avenue, or if it is located Starts from Tee more ” Makran Costal Highway then it will be more valuable from Tee more to end with Jinnah Avenue.. Remember Makran Coastal Highway is not Coastal Highway watch GDA Master Plan its Starts from Gwadar Sea Port – Railway Station – Subzi Mandi – NHA Authority – Bye Pass Baluchistan Broadway By pass Jinnah Avenue and end at Zero Point. Moza included in this Makran Costal Highway are Shinkani Dar, Washan Dor and Chipkalmati.. As per our Point of view This Makran Costal Highway from one side and Jinnah Avenue from another side both are very attractive investment area, And we think it will be fully operated till 2010 to 2012 Depends on the location.

      Find the Area in NOC which Moza its belongs, then write down all schemes of Shikani Dar, Washan Dor and Chipkal mati.. Then view the Gwadar Master Plan and watch the location. Remember the schemes belongs to all the above areas are costly then all the schemes Zone (B) we think it is preferable and better to buy with in Gwadar Master Plan, Don’t buy only the Big residential plot, if you wish and vision a better future then buy Commercial plots too, Remember after 10 years the status of Gwadar will be totally changed and it will be an international city so it means that you must buy small and medium residential as well as small and medium commercial plot too preferably 125 sq yds, 250 sq yds plots with in GDA Master Plan in replace ment of cheap 500sq yds or 1000sq yds residential plots which are worthless. If you want to invest bigger then invest through buying maximum small and medium plots as much as you can, so you will benefit very high when you resale it, Buy plot with verified location Because the location give you much more returns. Think 1000 times before buying and then buy. Do not compare the size of plot as well as cost of plot from NOC (B) with NOC (A). The cost of NOC A will be higher. But you get also returns in very high volumes.

  7. GDA NOC Marking (B)

    What is the importance of such NOC which GDA issued with marking (B) ? And why GDA is issuing NOC Outside Gwadar Master Plan? Why GDA is not cleared that such investment of the common people arround the world wil be blocked for 20 to 25 years. What is the interest of GDA for issuing NOC outside GDA Master Plan?

  8. Reply:
    We don’t know. Ask GDA in this regards, How ever we think that may be the policy of GDA as under:
    1. The land all around Gwadar is not owned by Government of Pakistan. Its belongs to the local balouch people. May be GDA Management thought to take in umbrella as much land as they can through private housing scheme projects through giving NOC.

    2. As there is no owned land of GDA and through only NOC of Gwadar Private Scheme Housing they get
    the ownership with capturing Parks, Roads, and 2% reservation for GDA in all schemes as well as all public building with in Housing Scheme.

    3. What we think that the scheme owners will be under GDA Byelaws 2004. Must given under taking that if they fail to full fill the development work. GDA will take over the Project. While the private Owners think in NOC marked (B) that they get maximum returns from the easy installment which will be received from the allottee and then left the scheme or give and encourage the GDA to take over the scheme. While GDA at such movement take over the scheme and ask the allottee to pay more for completing the project in the area of NOC marked with (B). And all the burden of External Development will be automatic transfer with the interference of GDA with taking over the project. As well as this will be the time when private owners housing scheme in NOC (B) backup and get away without fulfillment of the commitment. And this will be the time to start Suffering by the all allottees who had paid complete installment to the private housing scheme which are marked NOC (B).

    And at that movement the allottees approach to GDA for completing the project of NOC Marked (B) and the GDA after collecting handsome amount from the allottees of Marked (B) will take over. All this will be happend after 20 to 25 years and during the period the allottee of NOC Marked (B) suffered allot.

    Through this the GDA will be the owner of the Scheme without any investment, (only issueing a letter of NOC with marking B.) And after completing the development work with in GDA Master Plan they think they will expend the Development after 25 years.

    So, Once again we suggest the investors to be careful and invest in only projects which are within Gwadar Master Plan to get maximum early returns and maximum security of the GDA.

    God knows the best.

  9. NOC ISSUED BY TEHSIL DAR JIWANI ZILA GWADAR: What is the importance of NOC issued by TEHSIL Dar Jiwani Zila Gwadar for farm houses:
  10. Reply: Its clear in your question that the Tehsil is Jiwani, its just like Gwadar Zila is approx 650 kilometer long, if any tehsil dar of pasni, ormara, kalmat, etc issue a certification of Registration of a land that does not mean that it is in Tehsil Gwadar, District Gwadar.  Both have differences the only registry authority of Tehsil Gwadar, Zila Gwadar is Gwadar Development Authority no one else. Please understand that The Gwadar Development Authority has made Gwadar Master Plan and the land with in Gwadar Master Plan is very valuable…. other than master plan land have no value, it is the foolish people who are trying to cheat innocent investors in the name of Gwadar. But now the people are very educating them self, Thats why we always informed that Don’t mis lead other wise you will loose your investment.
  11. Sun Overseas City: Mariya Warsi

    SUN Overseas City Gawadar: Sir, Kindly guide the location of the sun overseas city. Is it within Gwadar Master Plan? is it on Coastal Highway…? How much time u think the project will be hand over to the allotee? Do you think the investment is fruitful….? Suggest and guide the truth, as we are un aware of the location as well as about Gwadar but all my friends and families from Canada and America willing to invest in Gwadar, My Friend Shaista give your web address for getting your view point before investment in gwadar. will you support,help, and guide for the facts about the location of scheme in Gwadar ? Mariya Warsi

    Reply: As you saw the Noc of SUN Overseas City Gawadar NOC No: 73/07/HS/GDA/ (B) —– (B) means this project is out of Gwadar Master Plan. Coastal Highway starts from Karachi and end at Jiwani Road, Near Iran Boarder. So the only to write Coastal Highway is as not such important. The important is the location of the scheme which must be within Gwadar Master Plan. Any project will be handed over to the alloter with in 36 months after completing interior roads etc. development work. But the question is who will go and settle were there are desert in surrounding, from where they get water, electricity, gas, sewerage line connection were the G.D.A. is not responsible for all those who got GDA Noc marking (B). The project owner will left after collecting amount with in three years and the area will never get electricity, water, gas connections which are basics of living before 25 to 35 years or may be more long…. Owning a plot within GDA NOC Marking (B) is very easy with very little payment. The Attractive commercials did not give complete details…. As per over own point of view all the scheme investors who had invested in GDA NOC Marking with (B) are puting their money in DESK BIN which they will never get returns. Our suggestion is for every pakistani that invest your money only with in Gwadar Master Plan not out side Gwadar Master Plan other wise they are waisting their money and investment.


5 Responses

  1. Salams:
    First of all thank you for this web interaction. I so glade to read all the postings. Most Pakistanies would like to invest in Pakistan, but these builders are not comming upfront with truth. As stated that NOC is a B, which means out side of Gwader and development may require 20 to 30 years inwhich builder may will die and thier promices will go with them to the Grave. So..Lets not invest, Be wise. Or wait and inquire more from the Government of pakistan or GDA for actual facts. Who would do that? that is the price we need to pay firts than paying the developer

  2. salam,
    Please tell me,
    how long it will take Gwadar to developed.

    Depends on location….
    Area from Tee More to Jinnah Avenue attached with Makran Coastal Highway with in 2 years development and activities you will see. Due to E.P Zone, were 40 years Tax Free, Business and Housing Schemes are developing Fast. Were the concept is not for allotting plot but to build the plot to get in early advantages of Businesses. Tee more is the high targeted place were its on left is Subzi Madi, on Back its Railway Station, and Back of Railway Station is the port area, on front its start Makran Coastal Highway and near by the N.H.A work shops this Makran Coastal Highway is the very important location for whole Commercial, and Industrial activities were development activities are under way for importers and Exporters who wish to work with China Assemble products as well as wish to spread the china product to world wide, in other hand there are importers who like to spread foods items and other general commodities from the world to Afghanistan and other Central Countries through Gwadar Free Port.

    If you desire to buy any plot residential or Commercial and wish to avail 1000% early returns. Than buy the plots in private scheme which are at Makran Coastal Highway and nearby Tee more to Jinnah Avenue.

    Those areas which are far from Tee more and Jinnah Avenue with in Gwadar Master Plan will be developed 5 to 10 years. and those private schemes which have NOC with marking “B” will be developed 25 to 50 years. and Those which are outside Gwadar master plan have no future for the generation to come.

  3. some housing societies working in tehsil Jewani and also take NOC from TMA Jewani like unique city what about these housing schemes.
    Tehsil Jewani is approx. 80 kilometer from Tehsil Gwadar, They will not be treated with in the status of Tehsil Gwadar or not having advantages of Gwadar Master Plan as well as do not enjoy the living and business opportunities like Tehsil Gwadar. There is no allocation of any Development work fund for Tehsil Jewani, It takes approx 100 years for proper management. It is common sence that Government of Baluchistan will first Develop Tehsil Gwadar which approx take 50 years. 2 years for near by port area near TEE MOR as well as E.P.Zone which government has allocated in this year budget one billion rupees to complete infrastructure with in E.P.Zone to boost economic activities, 5 years near Jinnah avenue and Baluchistan Broadway with in the limit of 2 kilometer. 10 to 15 years far from 3 to 5 kilometer from Jinnah Avenue and near Makran Coastal highway above the area of jinnah avenue to zero point. 15 to 25 years plan for the schemes near Zero point to Coastal highway till Chitti Shumali, 25 years to 50 years for the schemes near zero point to mazani, at coastal highway or near kiakalat these all areas are out of Gwadar Master Plan, and These all schemes are not under GDA Development considration before 25 to 50 years. Then its time to jiwani tehsil which take approx. 50 years to one hundered years, as well as the status of tehsil jiwani will be continue as a village. Plz. Note and before buying any plot watch GDA Master Plan.

  4. hello,

    can anybody tell me about DREAM CITY GWADAR

    visit website to get complete information regarding Dream city Gwadar

  5. Reply:
    approx 35 kilometer from Iran and 50 kilometer from Gwadar City. Highly desert area which have no sign of life…. it is in Chitti Shumali. Rough weather and highly stroom of dust in all seasons.

    Sun Silver City is how much far from Iran Border ?

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