Statement of Sun Overseas City Gwadar

booking agents claims: “News: Booking Status of SUN OVERSEAS CITY GWADAR
We are pleased to inform all our valuable visitors that 37% plots of Sun Overseas City Gwadar have been booked………….”

GDA reserves 30% plots which are not sale able till completion of all development work, so 37% – 30% = 7% remaining….. God knows who’s had booked or it is always the builder to show sold out to the good located plot for own gaming in future….

Master Murad Bux Lagari


As per the several emails received us with thankful and regards to inform that the project is outside the Gwadar Master Plan.

Some emails ask us what is the status of GDA Roads in Sun Overseas City were GDA Roads, while project is out side the Gwadar Master Plan till us about GDA Roads status in Sun Overseas City…….

Reply: Its clever move, As per the rules and regulations of GDA 2004, All internal roads of the housing schemes are the property of GDA so to write the G.D.A. Roads means all schemes roads are G.D.A Roads, including parks, schools, mosques, public places, etc are the property of GDA as per the GDA Policy….

As per our authenticate information this project is not reach to say successful project due to outside Gwadar Master Plan and the TV Commercials are only to attract Common People with Showing ideal land which is not true before 2020 may be 2030.


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