Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar is illegal Private Housing Scheme which has no NOC from Gwadar Development Authority

Reported by: Nasir Ali Rehman – Lahore Real Estate Treads

in reply From Questions about Gwadar Private Scheme ask us our free observation and free consultancy..,

Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar is illegal Private Housing Scheme which has no NOC from Gwadar Development Authority

If Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar is illegal scheme, and have no NOC from GDA then how it is advertising in Express News, GEO TV, and other media? Were is GDA? When the GDA takes steps? Why Not GDA is not taking Action Against the All Media Chanel to Stop advetisement? Is any GDA Official is involve in this scheme or any Government Authorities is involve therefore GDA is Silent? What do u think ?

As per my personal view point? I think GDA is also a party for encouraging wrong ful work in Gwadar. If Not then why GDA is not giving Commercial in All Media to hold the wrong advertisement. Do any body is responsible to educate the Low middle class investors to be care ful and not to invest such type of Schemes which have not been Approved by Gwadar Development Authority..?

No one can do nothing, if any body want to Suicide ? GDA Fulfill its responsibility with Announcement in Different Media Channels that before buying any plot in Gwadar, Please verify the status of the Private Scheme and verify the NOC Numbers at website of GDA, or contact GDA Office for more clarification. Now what do you suppose to do by GDA more?

If any greedy person with awareness of all above want to take the risk then what GDA can do?

While Gwadar Development Authority is always found helpful to support the investors in all respect. Only to blame any one is very easy, If you have any proof then you will say so, before it is rubbish.


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