Lahore Real Estates Treads for Gwadar Investment

Lahore Real Estates Treads for Gwadar Investment for

Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar

In Lahore it is becoming a tradition of Real Estate Agents to tread with the innocent investors in the name of Gwadar Investment. The Recent tread from Lahore Real Estate Agents is as below:

Reported by: Shahbaz Khan inquiry as under:

Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar:

Dear Sir,

A TV Commercial at Geo TV about Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar, Please let us inform that the Project is NOC by GDA and the location of the project. In which Mauza the scheme is and what is the mean that they want to transfer direct transfer from the Revenue Board, Is it advisable to invest in Khayaban-e-Shayan? Please Guide.


Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar is illegal Private Housing Scheme which has no NOC from Gwadar Development Authority. Please Complain and Report it at once at GDA Office: Gwadar Development Authority, Gwadar
Telephone: (086) 4211775 – 4210953 fax (086) 4211779 for Legal Action against Kyaban-e-Shayan Gwadar. The Scheme is near Prime Tok. 50 kilometers from the Gwadar. And Out Side Gwadar Master Plan.

The Khaban-e-Shayan Gwadar is total fraud scheme and the projects which have no NOC are very dangerous for the investment. You don’t know how much Land they have legally owned. Who they are? Who will look after to protect your investment after full and final payment? The location mentioned is about 50 kilometers far from Gwadar. Were totally desert area, no Authority of Gwadar Development GDA is responsible to give you protection. Remember you are totally wasting your money and becoming part of Crime when you booked for investment. Because you wish to resale the plot after few months to another and then you will involve in crime with the buyer and you also be the part of tread when you sell your illegal buying plot at Khaban-e-Shayan Gwadar.

Such types of foolish people are the persons who had damage the images of GWADAR. Therefore immediately report to GDA for information and necessary action.

Before investment in any investment scheme in Gwadar you must follow the following guidelines:

Find the NOC number issued by the Gwadar Development Authority at the official G.D.A. website: to verify the N.O.C. number.


3 Responses

  1. […] In Lahore it is becoming a tradition of Real Estate Agents to tread with the innocent investors in the name of Gwadar Investment. … Read more Lahore Real Estates Treads for Gwadar Investment […]

  2. Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar is illegal Private Housing Scheme which has no NOC from Gwadar Development Authority

    If Khayaban-e-Shayan Gwadar is illegal scheme, and have no NOC from GDA then how it is advertising in Express News, GEO TV, and other media? Were is GDA? When the GDA takes steps? Why Not GDA is not taking Action Against the All Media Chanel to Stop advetisement? Is any GDA Official is involve in this scheme or any Government Authorities is involve therefore GDA is Silent? What do u think ?

    As per my personal view point? I think GDA is also a party for encouraging wrong ful work in Gwadar. If Not then why GDA is not giving Commercial in All Media to hold the wrong advertisement. Do any body is responsible to educate the Low middle class investors to be care ful and not to invest such type of Schemes which have not been Approved by Gwadar Development Authority..?

    No one can do nothing, if any body want to Suicide ? GDA Fulfill its responsibility with Announcement in Different Media Channels that before buying any plot in Gwadar, Please verify the status of the Private Scheme and verify the NOC Numbers at website of GDA, or contact GDA Office for more clarification. Now what do you suppose to do by GDA more?

    If any greedy person with awareness of all above want to take the risk then what GDA can do?

    While Gwadar Development Authority is always found helpful to support the investors in all respect. Only to blame any one is very easy, If you have any proof then you will say so, before it is rubbish.

  3. Khyaban-e-Shayan is a Legal Acre Scheme,
    Since 28th of April I am a buyer of Khayaban-e-Shayan Acre Scheme Gwadar and with the continuous advertisements of Sun Overseas City Gwadar I came to know about the GDA rules and regulations for the housing schemes & their NOC’s, I founded a lot from your site too, thanks for that …

    Khyaban-e-Shayan is out of Tehsil Gwadar, its Tehsil Jiwani, So the GDA is not responsible all those schemes which are out site Tehsil Gwadar, It is also out side from Gwadar Master Plan were GDA had given NOC “B”.

    The owners of Khayaban-e-Shayan has applied NOC from the District Nazim Jiwani, not from Gwadar Development Authority, Any land purchased in Tehsil Jiwani is been documented via Jiwani Nazim which is not equal to GDA Noc. You had got only the registry and transfer letter from the Owner of the land that they have given you share from his land. Remember its does not mean that you got NOC.
    While you got one Acar from the Khayaban-e-Shayan Scheme. Now try it sale it to any one else. you will get lose. How? Without your physical presence in Jiwani Tehsil Nazim will not transfer.. Ask the value of registry. You got a piece of land in a jungle which have no future….. While the owners of Khayaban-e-Shayan is not receiving the Development Charges because they are not authorized to collect it. If they do so NAB Will wake up….
    Remember you had only buy a property which has no future… securities, no value, nothing, till your grand children.. if, they keep it through demarcation, God knows how long you keep your land and your land papers. I advise you to visit the land were you bought and then decide…

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