Sun Over Seas City

Sun Overseas City: Mariya Warsi

SUN Overseas City Gawadar: Sir, Kindly guide the location of the sun overseas city. Is it within Gwadar Master Plan? is it on Coastal Highway…? How much time u think the project will be hand over to the allotee? Do you think the investment is fruitful….? Suggest and guide the truth, as we are un aware of the location as well as about Gwadar but all my friends and families from Canada and America willing to invest in Gwadar, My Friend Shaista give your web address for getting your view point before investment in gwadar. will you support,help, and guide for the facts about the location of scheme in Gwadar ? Mariya Warsi

Reply: As you saw the Noc of SUN Overseas City Gawadar NOC No: 73/07/HS/GDA/ (B) —– (B) means this project is out of Gwadar Master Plan. Coastal Highway starts from Karachi and end at Jiwani Road, Near Iran Boarder. So the only to write Coastal Highway is as not such important. The important is the location of the scheme which must be within Gwadar Master Plan. Any project will be handed over to the alloter with in 36 months after completing interior roads etc. development work. But the question is who will go and settle were there are desert in surrounding, from where they get water, electricity, gas, sewerage line connection were the G.D.A. is not responsible for all those who got GDA Noc marking (B). The project owner will left after collecting amount with in three years and the area will never get electricity, water, gas connections which are basics of living before 25 to 35 years or may be more long…. Owning a plot within GDA NOC Marking (B) is very easy with very little payment. The Attractive commercials did not give complete details…. As per over own point of view all the scheme investors who had invested in GDA NOC Marking with (B) are puting their money in DESK BIN which they will never get returns. Our suggestion is for every pakistani that invest your money only with in Gwadar Master Plan not out side Gwadar Master Plan other wise they are waisting their money and investment.

Gwadar Investment by: Khurem Suleman

Before investment in any investment scheme in Gwadar you must follow the following guidelines:

Find the NOC number issued by the Gwadar Development Authority at the official G.D.A. website: to verify the N.O.C. number.

However, be vigilant to watch for N.O.C. numbers marked with “B”, as they represent building schemes outside the recognised GDA Master Plan and these private schemes have no realistic completion dates before 2020 at the earliest. The G.D.A has an undertaking from external (B) schemes that external (3rd party contractors) are responsible for the development of their own infrastructure including roads, sewerage, electricity and water supply.

It is up to you to decided that you are buying a plot for your grandchildren or for you.

Understanding The Gwadar Master Plan.

Every square in the G.D.A Master Plan is equal to one sq. kilo meter. Those exclusive private schemes within 2km (2 blocks) of Jinnah Avenue and Baluchistan Broadway are being earmarked for immediate development. Therefore the prices of plots surrounding this intial develoment phases are expected to increase between 100% to 1000% by 2010.

Developments within Master Plan but out side the two kilometer range of Jinnah Avenue and Baluchistan Broadway may have to wait for 5 to 10 years before seeing major development and therefore major returns on investment. We would consider these as long term investments.

For the savvy investor please note that there are two Coastal Highways in the G.D.A Master Plan. One is attached with the boundary of Master Plan which is the Coastal Highway that runs from the Iran Boarder to Gwadar, Pasni, through Ormara to Karachi. This is boarder line of Gwadar.

The Other is Makran Coastal Highway that begins at TEE More, (attached with Railway Station – Sea Port) and joins the Baluchistan Broadway from TEE MOR and is also attached with Jinnah Avenue from TEE MOR and ends at ZERO Point (Coastal Highway attached with Boarder line way for Iran Boarder).

Our opinion is if you are willing to invest in Gwadar. A safe choice would be to invest in land around the Jinnah Avenue / Baluchistan Broadway developments of the G.D.A. Master Plan for maximum returns. The development of a fully operative port is near completion and with a new airport, railway station, sports complex and a Center Place – investing in Gwadar has never been so attractive.


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