GDA Gwadar Master Plan – real estate agent in Lahore – We feel so guilty for our self

Tasleem Zahra / Hameed Rana

Your comments on Robar surpises me.
I and my husband is real estate agent in Lahore,
Few people approach us to sell gwadar open land plot in acars and they informed us that the following areas are golden areas for investment purpose in gwadar. So, we feel good deals so we have guided so many people to buy the open plots in acars in the below area, God help us we were mis informed and through your website in search we get real information and verified from the GDA Gwadar Master Plan which is displayed at website, We feel so guilty for our self. God bless u if you please guide us truth and help and support how to give relief to the buyers. People was investing due to low cost. I don’t know how many people will get financial loss when they know the facts about the importance of Gwadar Master Plan.

Please let me inform about the future of Chatani Bal, Zabadan, Prime tok, bandi, pallari kaur, chitti shumali, junobi, mirzani, Chiprakani, candasol, khappar, Nallat,
Zirat Matchi, Kiya kalat, Jorkhan, Nighor…

Please let us inform as early as possible…

The Only think we feel is the sadness. Keeping open area in acars in Gwadar is very very difficult. Those who had already buy the open plots in acars must first of all verified their khatoni, khawat, kasra number, ash sajra, and must have trashma with including the “B Nama ” from the buyers as well has must have to keep the payment pay order ship as well as must have verified I.D.Copy of the seller attached and endose with the Tasildar. The all above documents must be needed and the more the demarcation of the ownership land with pillars by the patwari and the letter from patwari that they verified that the landowner is the real seller and the purchaser is the real buyer.

If any of the above document is missing in your papers then you must immediately, complete the documents other wise any fruad people most of them are Real Estate Agent resale your plots several times and you may have no knowledge of them.

The real estate agent encourage innocent investors with offering attractive deal such as:
Why you buying a plot in Gwadar Private Housing Scheme while you will get more land in your own name is equal to the amount of a plot of 125, 250, 500, or 1000 sq yds plots in any Approved Housing scheme by GDA.?

People innocently invest and as you said that the same cases is been done by you for your client..

God help all those who had invested in your above mention area. Yes all above are out of Gwadar Master Plan and sorry to say have no future before 25 to 50 years approx. minimum.

Hope you will after now onwards guide the people truth and nothing but truth. Because, most of the investors are from low income groups. And have dreams about Gwadar. But unforunatly they have selected wrong place in District Gwadar.

District Gwadar Starts from Uthal (from where the Coastal Highway starts from 100 Kilo meter after Karachi – HUB) to Ormara – Pasni – Gwadar and end with Jiwani. A very long distance of 650 kilometer area is the District Gwadar and Tahsil Gwadar is the GDA Master Plan Area….

Please review several times the map of the G.D.A Master Plan


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