Gwadar Future:
SHORT TERM INVESTMENTAt Gwadar there is two kind of investment. One is residential and other is commercial. When we say short term investment then one must think year 2010 to 2012 time period for it, because if one do the investment with the thinking that he will get return in days or month then may be he get loss, one can get but may be not. Therefore investment should be made keeping in mind (Time Period 2 to 5 Years). The other question arises at where this investment could be made.

I suggest for residential and commercial purpose I think the area near sea port and the E.P.Zone areas come with in the range of 5 to 10 K M from Deep-sea port. And in next five years there will be sign of real development and will be populated. All other areas are not recommended for short-term investment.


Long-term investment is from 10 to 15 Years or may be more time periods. It depends upon the circumstances and speedily diversion of investors from all over the world. Therefore no one can give the exact time period for long-term investment but if all things go in right direction then I think Gwadar will be developed before the expected time period.

If any one is thinking to invest in a long-term project, then he may invest in any well-reputed private housing project because the fattest developer can only developed its project in next ten years. These are hard fact and ground realities and we have to accept it.

Any piece of land in acres can be purchased at main coastal highway and the land around the old airport. At west bay seaside, one can do the investment from shabi to Jiwani and from zero point to road goes to Iran border. Are not safe for the investment because G.D.A has issued the NOC with marking “B” means if a NOC you see suppose GDA/H/00/Year/B means The Project Owner is liable for internal and external development. And GDA is not responsible for Development work. This means that the area will not able to develop before 15 to 25 years. And the investment amount will be blocked. Please take care and review the Gwadar Master Plan and watch the Private Scheme Location.

Awan Nazar


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  1. What is the future of Al-Rahim Garden? How much time it take for development and handing over the scheme to public.

  2. I have purchased a 500yds residential and 200yds commercial plots of Sun Silver City through ads in Canada. I will appreciate if you could provide some advise and information about this development scheme. Is my investment safe?

    Before investment in any scheme you must remember that:
    You ask the Noc number issued by G.D.A. then visit G.D.A. website at: to verified the N.O.C. NUMBER.
    But it is not enough…. Also watch it that in N.O.C. is it mark with “B”.
    if yes then understand your self that the location and scheme is out side from
    G.D.A. Master Plan… And those private scheme which are outside from G.D.A Master Plan have no future before 20 to 25 years. Because G.D.A had get undertaking from that scheme that they are responsible for themselves for Roads, Sewerage lines, Electricity and water line. Which is AS per our personal opinion is impossible before 25 years.

    People attracts from commercial ads but could not certified the facts. I think it is up to you to decided that you are buying a plot for your grand children or for you.

    First understand G.D.A. Master Plan. While with in G.D.A Master Plan Remember one square box is equal to one sq. kilo meter. Those private scheme attached with or near Jinnah Avenue as well as attached with Baluchistan Broad way will in the range of two kilometer to Jinnah Avenue will have very near future. And the prices of plots will be up 100% to 1000% with in 2010. But those within Master Plan but out side the range of two kilometer from Jinnah Avenue have to wait for 5 to 10 years. And it is long term investment. Secondly please note that there are two Coastal Highway in the G.D.A Master Plan, you can find one is attached with the boundary of G.D.A.Master Plan which is Coastal Highway starts from Iran Boarder to Gwadar, Pasni, through Ormara to Karachi. This is boarder line of Gwadar. And the Other is Makran Coastal Highway Starts from TEE More, ( Place attached with Railway Station – Sea Port )goes to 2 kilometers to attached with Baluchistan Broadway from TEE MOR and 5 kilometer to attached with Jinnah Avenue from TEE MOR to End with 15 kilometers to attached with ZERO Point ( Coastal Highway attached with Boarder line way for Iran Boarder).

    If you are willing to invest safe then try to pay more cost to get more high returns.
    Invest area with in E.P.Zone and near to Jinnah Avenue to get benefits near future due to early development after fully operative port area which is near by Sea Port, Railway station, Sea View, Sports Complex as well as Center Place of the Gwadar Master Plan.

  3. It’s great that you introduced this web site. Basic aim to write the articles/ comment about gwadar is to create awareness among the peoples. So that before doing the investment in Gwadar they get maximum information about Gwadar. Instead of doing the investment in deed sectors, they must go on investment in such kind of projects, where they could get their return from 5 to 10 years.
    Still a lot of work is needed to be done at your web site, which I will communicate you after detail .


    Awan Nazar

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