GDA Goals and Acheivements 2007 – 2008

  1. Road SectorConstruction/Black Topping (Jinnah Avenue)Rs. 243.621 Millioncompleted
  2. Construction/Black Topping (Padizir Blvd) (Black Topping 14 Kilometers completed)
    Rs.338.805 Million90% completed
  3. Construction/Black Topping (Marine Drive) (Black Topping 8 Kilometers completed)
    Rs.258.25 Million70% completed
  4. Construction/Black Topping (Balochistan Broad Way) (Black Topping 8 Km Completed)
  5. Section-I= 8 KM Section-II= 6KM Total = 14KMRs. 420.776 Million60% completed
  6. Construction/Black Topping (Pasni Avenue)Total 5KMRs.121.298 MillioncompletedConstruction/Black Topping
  7. (Jiwani Avenue) (10 KM Black Topping completed) Total 12KMRs.196.097 Million90% completed
  8. Construction/Black Topping (Pishukan Avenue)Total 5KMRs.65.423 Millioncompleted
  9. Construction/Black Topping (Rakhshan Avenue)Total 3.75KMRs.104.237 Million90% Earthwork completed
  10. Construction/Black Topping (Awaran Avenue)Total 9KMRs.146.670 Million95% Earthwork completed
  11. Construction/Black Topping (Kalmat Avenue)Total 7KMRs.198.657 MillionEarthwork completed
  12. Construction/Black Topping (Monument Circle) (Black Topping 1.2 KM completed)Total 2.25KMRs.93.534 MillioncompletedConstruction/Black Topping (Bela Avenue) (Black Topping 1.5 Km Completed)
  13. Total 5 KMRs. 46.761 Million40% completedConstruction/Black Topping (Mand Avenue)Total 6.5 KMRs. 91.941 Million30% Earthwork completed
  14. Construction/Black Topping (Commercial East)Total 13 KMRs. 49.977 Million80% Earthwork completed
  15. B. Building Section
  16. Construction of Sports ComplexRs.350.000 Million
  17. Super structureConstruction of 50 Bedded WardRs.52.546 Million
  18. Finishing work in progressAdmin Block & OPD Block Phase-I
  19. Construction of Boundary wall for Central ParkRs.10.046 Million
  20. Finishing work in progressConstruction of GDA Office Block-IRs.11.653 MillionCompleted
  21. OccupiedConstruction of GDA Office Block-IIRs.19.229 MillionFinishing work in progress
  22. Construction of Beach wall in front of Governor HouseRs.4.2 MillionCompleted
  23. C. GURAB HOUSING SCHEME (FISHERMAN TOWN)Construction Internal Roads Total 13 KMRs.210.152 MillionBlack Topping 7 KM completed
  24. Construction of Sewerage SystemRs.33.878 Million80% work completed
  25. Water supply systemRs.14.373 Million80% completed
  26. Construction of 100 Boundary wallsRs.12.75 MillionCompleted

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