Export Promotion Zone – Gwadar

EPZ – zone in Gwadar Master Plan is a very small limited area, Government has allowed 40 years tax holidays in EPZ Zone – Export Promotion Zone, Main Purpose for tax holidays is because Government wish that this EPZ zone developed fast for ware housing and assembling china brand goods to spread world over through gwadar. As per our point of view Gwadar Port Authority will play vital role in early activity near the port area were railway station is nearer, therefore, EP Zone will develop early and those who invest in E.P.Zone in Gwadar will get much more returns from their land. As the E.P.Zone is near Jinnah Avenue as well as Baluchistan Broad way is passing through E.P. Zone as well as Makran Costal Highway from Tee More to Zero Point is currently active road for Transportation, Most of the People will prefer to invest in Gwadar Private Scheme. The plots with in E.P.Zone is more costly in E.P.Zone due to its importance and value for residential, commercial, warehouses, and industrial purpose. Before buying any plot in any scheme please must verified location plan of the scheme as well as NOC from GDA


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