Wait : Invest your money with care and fully aware in Gwadar

Wait: Want to invest in Gwadar ? Invest your money with care and fully aware in the location were you are investing in Gwadar? Do not invest before watching location in practical or in map. If you are watching map look and understand the following guiding note:

Mater Plan help you to invest in gwadar location. And to know your investment is safe or you are investing in such location which have no future before 20 to 25 years. And unsecure.



*** Indicates shows Zone “B” Area as well as out side the area of G.D.A Master Plan. Therefore Development work will be not done by the GDA. The Area indicate*** have no future before 20 to 25 years, there for the land/plots price available in the market is very low. And its are very long term unsecured investment. How ever the area indicated in GDA Master Plan are available in high price because it will be almost complete within three years or before/on year 2010. And its short term secured investment due to G.D.A Backups.

xxx indicates means very high level desert area and almost under wind storm and difficult to maintain demarcation due to land is not leveled. While ### means no way to visit the site without 4 powerful four wheels as there is no roads available for drive only high level sands and desert snakes..

Category GDA Zone / Area(s)

Karwat-Kappar *** – xxx – ###

G2 Darbela Shumali-Janoobi
*** – xxx
G3 Surbandar
G4 Shanakani Dar Industrial Zone
G5 Container Yard – Oil Terminal
G6 Durgatti
G7 Ziarat Machi Sharqi-Garbi *** – xxx – ###
G8 Jorkan – Zeropoint *** – xxx – ###
G9 Washein Door
G10 Jinnah Avenue
G11 E.P.Z – Economic Promotion Zone
G12 Airport Road
G13 Chebkalamati
G14 Kiyakalat *** – xxx – ###
G15 Marzani *** – xxx – ###
G16 Palleri *** – xxx – ###
G16A Chatti Shumali *** – xxx – ###
G16B Chatti Janoobi *** – xxx – ###
G17 Shabi *** – xxx – ###
G18 Ankra Shumali-Janoobi
G19 GDA’s Gohrab Low-Cost Housing
G20 Chattani-Bal – Near Iran Border *** – xxx – ###
G21 Zabbadan Near Iran Border *** – xxx – ###
G21A Robar Near Iran Border *** – xxx – ###
G22 Parayeen Tauk Near Iran Border *** – xxx – ###
G22A Passu *** – xxx – ###
G22B Bandi *** – xxx – ###
G22C Ganz *** – xxx – ###
G23 Golden Palms @ Marine Drive
G24 New World City
G25-26 FTBA @ Airport Road


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