Questions about Gwadar Private Scheme ask us our free observation and free consultancy.. « Gwadar Private Scheme Information Center

Questions about Gwadar Private Scheme ask us our free observation and free consultancy.. « Gwadar Private Scheme Information Center


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  1. What type of information and services you are providing to the investors of the private scheme? Do you guide us that when GDA Housing scheme No:5 will be completed and how much work is remaining to hand over the possession.? And Also where is the safe place for investment in gwadar.? Is Chattani Bal investment is dead investment?

  2. Get information from the search engine about your blog’s I think it is need of today to understand and get information before investment in gwadar. As no one before you had given the true information. Thank you very much for creating a blogs for particular investers as well as information related to private scheme. We could not get proper information from Gwadar Development Authority. Hope your free guide service will help us.

    Let me introduce you that i had invested in past in S.N.Sahil Project and paid regular instalment. After few months i got a letter from the builder that they had shift the project from prime tok area to chatti shumali and ask us for either get payment back or pay more for rebooked in sun sliver city project.

    I am totally confused what to do? Will you guide me whether i have to get my money back or pay extra for their new project.

    Secondly, What is the actual location of the project.? Is it still far from the sea port? How much time it will take to complete the development work in this project.

    As i had informed that the GDA has approved new master plan. How much time it will take effects as the Sun Silver City Project is in Zone B.

    Please guide us and support us. I am thankful in advance.

  3. Will you guide me that which project is the best private scheme in Gwadar, which will give benefits in short term investment. Were is EPZ (economic Promotion Zone)? What type of plot is more important for investment? Residential, Industrial, Commercial, or ware houses?

    What i understand that the basic of Gwadar importance is Gwadar Port, all activities in gwadar will be due to gwadar port and trade transact through china, How much time it will take that the gwadar port will fully operative?

    And How much time GDA will take to complete the infrasturcture such as roads, severage, water and electricity in the area such as dhorgati, washandor, chapkalmati the nearest area of the port.?

    How much time it will take by the government to full fill its all commitment for development of Gwadar?

    Please let us inform in brief.


  4. Most of the Gwadar Private Scheme projects are in Zone B, Due to non information and cheap rates project owners does not mention that their project is in Zone B, I have come to know from some reliable sources that all Zone B infrastructor will be developed by the private scheme owners as they had submitted undertaking in GDA. Now the time period of most of Gwadar Private Scheme is completed. Last visit in september 2007 i found that most of the private project in zone B are not identifiable. No Boundry walls, No Side office, Nothing, even i suffer a very hard drive due to unavailability of roads.

    I was came from Canada to see Gwadar. Do doubt gwadar is beautiful place. But the development work is very slow by the Government as well as private scheme owners.

    Please let me inform how much time it will take to complete canadian city. As I feel no sign of any work till yet. And i had paid complete payment to the canadian city builders.

  5. Dear

    I have invested about Rs 2,00,000/- in a private housing scheme in
    Gwadar.I want your help as the scheme people now want Rs 1,00,000/- for the development charges for the residential plot (aprox 200 yards), and I think there is more to come.

    Can you guide me about the pace of development work being carried out now in Gwadar.My concern is that if there is actually no work being carried out, which should i pay for any development charges now.I have also come to know that Singapore port people have been deferring the start of port continuously and now they are saying about June this year,what is your opinion about it?


    A concerned middle income investor

    M Niazi

    *** Indicates shows Zone “B” Area as well as out side the area of G.D.A Master Plan. Therefore Development work will be not done by the GDA. The Area indicate*** have no future before 20 to 25 years, there for the land/plots price available in the market is very low. And its are very long term unsecured investment. How ever the area indicated in GDA Master Plan are available in high price because it will be almost complete within three years or before/on year 2010. And its short term secured investment due to G.D.A Backups.
    xxx indicates means very high level desert area and almost under wind storm and difficult to maintain demarcation due to land is not leveled. While ### means no way to visit the site without 4 powerful four wheels as there is no roads available for drive only high level sands and desert snakes..
    GDA Zone / Area(s)
    Karwat-Kappar *** – xxx – ###
    Darbela Shumali-Janoobi
    Gorandani *** – xxx
    Shanakani Dar Industrial Zone
    Container Yard – Oil Terminal
    Ziarat Machi Sharqi-Garbi *** – xxx – ###
    Jorkan – Zeropoint *** – xxx – ###
    Washein Door
    Jinnah Avenue
    E.P.Z – Economic Promotion Zone
    Airport Road
    Kiyakalat *** – xxx – ###
    Marzani *** – xxx – ###
    Palleri *** – xxx – ###
    Chatti Shumali *** – xxx – ###
    Chatti Janoobi *** – xxx – ###
    Shabi *** – xxx – ###
    Ankra Shumali-Janoobi
    GDA’s Gohrab Low-Cost Housing
    Chattani-Bal – Near Iran Border *** – xxx – ###
    Zabbadan Near Iran Border *** – xxx – ###
    Robar Near Iran Border *** – xxx – ###
    Parayeen Tauk Near Iran Border *** – xxx – ###
    Passu *** – xxx – ###
    Bandi *** – xxx – ###
    Ganz *** – xxx – ###
    Golden Palms @ Marine Drive
    New World City
    FTBA @ Airport Road

  7. how many private schemes are in EP Zone in Gwadar? what facilities are available in EPZone in Gwadar?

  8. Most of the people shown wrong location map to sale gwadar plots, example one of the real estate agent showing wrong map of Shabi, Prime tok, and Ganz in their web sites. Do you have any connection to any GDA Authority to informed them to take action against wrong presentation. Due to wrong presentation the images of true and facts are sincerely damaged in out side Pakistan. Will you help in locating real place were shabi, Prime Tok and Ganz are?
    Secondly, What is the future of Shabi, Prime Tok and Ganz is it short term investment or long term?
    Thirdly, My friend buy Chatani Bal and Zabadan through Estate Agent in a very high cost?
    How we can trust and to whom we believe to the Sellers? Whom you recommend for buying Gwadar Land.

  9. Asslam O Alykum
    I am Attiq Ur Rehman from Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
    I want to gain the new and latest news about the gwadar projects.which are cruntly operated by GDA.
    Please let me know.
    Regards and best wihes to you and our Homeland Pakistan.

  10. Refer to your information related to master plan, i had reviewed but could not found the true proper information, I want to invest in Gwadar and i want to invest within GDA Master Plan,
    Please guide me the most attractive housing scheme you have, or you would like that we should invest.

    Imran. we have no intention to sale any project nor in capacity to give you the name of the Private Schemes of Gwadar from our own. Non of our business is attached with Real Estate, nor we promoter of any Private Scheme.
    Dear, we are the group of people wish that the investment of all Pakistanis must be safe and they must earn from their investment.
    Our friends and families living around the world you are as a Pakistani belongs to our family that is Pakistani family. We wish that you must be understood well the Gwadar.

    As all people are not equal. And Most of the people invest in Gwadar are not familiar with Gwadar land and the area, we are safe guards for you and for your family friends.

    Nothing else. We only recommend you that if you wish to invest in Gwadar than understand the Gwadar Master Plan First. And then try to invest near Jinnah Avenue which attached with Baluchistan Broad way as well as Makran Coastal Highway which is from TEE MOR. ( TEE MOR which is attached with Sea Port as well as Railway Station as well as common people area were all transportation as well as development is starts by the GDA). And hope full the early activation of Port will give more returns to this Area which we indicated.
    Find out from Search that which schemes are near to Jinnah Avenues, as well as TEE Mor as well as with in E.P.Zones

    You have to decided by your self we only guide you black and whites.

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